29 - 30 October 2016


London, UK

Inspired By Tim Ferriss

The 4 Hour Work Week

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This is not just another event that you think about attending. This event is the one event that you need to attend in 2016 before Christmas comes around and before you know it, it’s 2017 and you have no real action plan.

The golden nuggets of information that you take away from this bootcamp literally have the power to change to your life and start putting multiple income streams into your bank account.

  • Learn a step by step blueprint to create and rank a video on Google page 1 or 2 in under 10 minutes and how you can turn this into cold, hard cash.
  • Make up to £2,000/month tax free from a secret source that every person in the UK has waiting for them but less than 1% of people are taking advantage of.
  • Create lifelong friendships and form future JV partnerships.
  • And so much more!
The Laptop Lifestyle Bootcamp

* Overlooking Hong Kong before going out that evening

What Makes This Event Special? / Everything!

This event has been created by someone who cares about you and understands your ongoing struggle to make regular money from the internet. He knows this because he has been there himself after being made redundant in 2008 and taking the leap of faith to make a full time income online.

Ben will share his journey with you (Success and failures) and more importantly, teach you how you can start making money from methods that work right now and require no previous experience. In fact, by Christmas you can easily earn over £1,000 from the nuggets in his talk and by the end of 2017 you could be earning over £1,000+/month passive income.

Plus I (Ben) have handpicked a selection of speakers that I personally know, like and trust who will share their decades of combined online knowledge to accelerate your path to a freedom lifestyle and make this weekend a genuine opportunity to turn your life around. I have NEVER seen an event with this many top class, genuine speakers.

Event Speakers / Handpicked Laptop Lifestyle Experts

Backpacker Ben

The Laptop Lifestyle

Your host and founder of The Laptop Lifestyle.

Simon Coulson

Internet Business School

How to Make Money Online

Richard McMunn

How 2 Become

How to Write and Publish a Book that Sells

Rob Cornish

Gain Higher Ground

From a 9-5 job to a full time living online

Sarah Staar

Affiliate Marketing

Online Expert, Professional Speaker, Coach & Publisher

Neil Stafford

Internet Marketing Review

Membership Sites & Recurring Revenue

Plus 1 Mystery Speaker

Never Told Before / Ben's Story

The truth is that I tried to make an income online from about 2005 and it took three long years before I successfully broke free from the rat race in 2008. What happened that made things change?

Two things:

  1. I went to a live event
  2. I will tell you at the event 😉

The live event part was very important because it made me actually get out there and meet other people trying to make a full time living online. The truth is that I was quite shy and I was also quite embarrassed that I hadn’t cracked this whole 4 hour work week on my own.

The second part was a tough decision but I am so glad that I did. It’s arguably been the difference between my breaking free of the rat race and going back to employment.

Four months after the event in 2008, I had my first £5,000+ pay day. It was insane. I remember how I kept checking my emails to see payment notifications roll in one after another into my Paypal account. I want to give you the chance to experience this for yourself.

Since being made redundant, I have never worked for an employer and have been fortunate enough to do the things that I love including travelling, waking up when I want, spending time with loved ones and contributing to other people/charities much more than I ever could have done as an employee.

Why did I finally succeed?

It all started with going to a live event. I took action.

I made friends and built my network up of successful people who wanted the same thing as me. I surrounded myself with like minded entrepreneurs.

I spent money. I started to value my time more. People who had already been there and done it for themselves (Aka my mentors) gave me the confidence to believe in myself and the skills to make it happen.

Ben in Thailand

Great Wall of China

Christmas Hampers in London

Laos Slow Boat

Who's this event for? / It's not for everyone!

Let me ask you a question: Have you ever been ripped off in the past? (Because I have been countless times). You give your trust and hard earned money to someone who doesn’t end up delivering on what they said they would. It’s horrible.

I understand how you feel because it took me 10 years and £1,000’s of pounds in wasted “Training” to get where I am today and I still continue to learn. I remember one time in particular where I spent £3,000 on a piece of software that I later found out that a similar thing (Better!) could be bought for £100 online. Ouch. That hurt. alot.

This is why I am running this event. I want to clean the industry up, give people genuine opportunities and run an event that I wish I could have attended 10 years ago, so that I could have lived without a job for even longer.

It’s also for you if you currently feel like it’s hard to impossible to leave the day job and make a full time income online. Maybe you have been ripped off in the past like I had on countless occasions. Maybe you have had some success but still don’t have a clear plan to make regular decent online income. Maybe you have read the 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss and are ready to find your muse 😉

If you’re currently unhappy with where you are financially, then I will show you can make £1,000 by Christmas of this year while working a full time job AND be well on your way to be earning a long term online income. Seriously, it’s really easy (When you know how!). You don’t have to believe me, you just have to do what I say.

It's like 10 Events / for the price of 1!

In the last 3 months alone, I have:

  • Been to 10+ events on how to make more money.
  • Spent over 75 hours learning and networking (Not including travel time!)
  • At a cost of more than I’d like to admit to myself!



Because I want to bring you the best and up to date content as possible. Your time is valuable and I have no intention of wasting it! This is not just a one off bootcamp. This is so much more than that. It’s the beginning of your new life. Call it a revolution. Call it a movement. Call it whatever you like… I am building a community of like minded people who are action takers ready to try something different so that they can start living the life of their dreams.

China Party Time

Terracota Army

Teaching in China


Decision Time / To come or not to come?

100% Come! The Saturday morning session alone will show you how you can easily make over £1,000 by the end of 2016 from your laptop, without any previous technical knowledge, selling skills or anything like that. You just click the right buttons in the right order and you will start growing your bank account.

You will learn skills for life that empower you to make money from the internet and you will be well on your way to generating multiple income streams to finally make 2017 your year to succeed. You will learn from some of the best, genuine people in the online marketing industry. All from the UK.

Imagine having a conversation with a friend at Christmas who went to the bootcamp, took action, made over £1,000 and is already making a regular monthly passive income. Their future looks bright. It could have been you if you trusted your gut and bought a ticket.

Don’t miss out. Have no regrets. Life is short. Your time is precious. Buy your ticket now while there are still some available. Every day that passes is a day that the event could potentially sell out.

7 Bonuses / When You Buy Your Ticket Today, Right Now

Buy your ticket today and receive seven great bonuses that are easily worth more than the ticket price itself.

  • Bonus 1: 100 Things That You Can Outsource 

Buy your ticket today and receive a list of 100 things that you can outsource offshore. One of the topics covered on the day is how you can get paid for brokering deals in the UK and then outsourcing the work to places like the Philippines for much less and take a big profit margin by playing the “Middleman”. You will learn how to avoid getting ripped off and how to ethically hire offshore, fully qualified, university graduates from as little as £150/month. One of the online services that is growing every day in the UK pays over £40/hour and can be done offshore for around £2/hour… That’s £38/hour profit for you simply organising everything (I’ll tell you what it is on the day)

  • Bonus 2: Top 10 Places to Work and Live Remotely

Buy your ticket today and receive a list of the top 10 places to work and live remotely. whether it’s a long holiday or full time living, you will find place that you can work, with internet, sun and great food for as low as £231/month!

  • Bonus 3: Online Resources to Work from Anywhere

How to work from anywhere in the world. The resources that I use and recommend for you to use when working so that you can work from anywhere in the UK or even the world. Top cloud based services (Mostly free) that you should be using.

  • Bonus 4: My Personal Rolodex

My Personal Rolodex of websites. From the basics like which email service provider to use, to domain registration & hosting for websites, to outsourcing and so much more. 10 years of experience handed to you in less than 10 pages pdf.

  • Bonus 5: Top Workation Locations

Some of the top “Workation” locations and groups in the world. Places that you can have a holiday and work with other like minded individuals who live the laptop lifestyle. Great to make friends who are already living this lifestyle.

  • Bonus 6: The Best Events in the UK (And abroad!)

I’m a big believer in networking and continued learning, so I will share with you the types of events that you can go to (Some of them free!), to be around successful people in this field while often getting loads of cool free stuff. One of these events that I recommend is coming up in London in around February 2017 and has previously got me a free drone (Those flying helicopter things with cameras) on, a free smart watch and much much more. I’ll tell you where and how to get a free ticket to this.

  • Bonus 7: Which affiliate Networks and CPA Networks are best

I’ll save you time and hassle of picking networks that pay less (Or not at all!) from my 5+ years experience with them. Some have paid me £1,000’s and so went bust and didn’t pay me a penny for me advertising for them. Don’t worry if this doesn’t make any sense to you at the minute, it will make sense after attending the bootcamp! CPA stands for Cost Per Action, which means you can get paid money for getting people to do something as simple as submitting their email on a website or completing a free registration.

  • Extra Bonus: Case Study £1,995 in 20 minutes

I will show you exactly how I made £1,995 by selling a video that took me about 20 minutes to make and how you can do the same!

I will show you the software that I used to create the video, how I found my client and what industry they are in. Plus how I ranked this video on Google Page 1 for their desired Google search term.

testimonials / Kind Words from some of Ben's Previous Speaking Engagements

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