24 - 26 March 2017


London Gatwick, UK

Inspired By Tim Ferriss

The 4 Hour Work Week

Event Capacity

Only 100 Seats

Even Better Than Last Time! / New Speakers, Different Date, Same Venue

This is not just another event that you think about attending. This event is the one event that you need to attend in 2017, especially if your new year’s resolutions are now just a distant memory.

Our last event had an average attendee feedback score of over 9 out of 10. When we asked previous attendees how likely they were to recommend this event to a friend, every single feedback form had an 8, 9 or 10!

People flocked from all around the UK and some flew in from Ireland, Switzerland, Romania and even as far as Brazil to be there. The event was a huge success, which is why we are doing it again and making it even better this time!

The Laptop Lifestyle Bootcamp

* Thank you for the thumbs up!

5 Reasons Why You Must Attend / Don't Miss Out!

* The speaker line up is INCREDIBLE (Quite unbelievable), from speakers who have never been on stage before to speakers who previously have spoke in front of 1,000+ audience sizes. From 100% content talks, to free stuff, to speakers that offer genuine life changing opportunities.

* Immerse yourself for three full days of inspiration, education and networking with like-minded people. It’s like a mini break with people that you know you will already get on with!

* If you don’t attend you will miss out and also wonder “What if?” Although you can buy the recordings for £195 afterwards, it’s never the same as being there “Live” and getting the opportunity to meet and chat with the speakers.

* This event is relatively, super small! There is  just a 100 person maximum capacity, which means you get a much more intimate experience with speakers and fellow attendees.

Imagine yourself five years from now and nothing has changed. Now imagine five years from now, after coming to the event and taking action, you have multiple streams of income coming into YOUR bank account. Come to this event and the possibilities are truly, genuinely life changing.

Surround Yourself with Successful People!

This event is relatively tiny! You will have the opportunity to shake hands and chat with speakers who would otherwise be completely inaccessible. This in itself is genuinely worth much, much more than the ticket price.

Not only that, you have the opportunity to really get to know fellow attendees in the breaks and build friendships that last a lifetime. Hanging around with the right people is arguably one of the biggest secrets to success.

The capacity is 100 people and tickets are selling faster than expected because of unforeseen spikes in web visitors. There are still some tickets remaining, but you advised to buy your ticket today before it sells out.

The Laptop Lifestyle Bootcamp

* Grab this one off opportunity to Achieve Time, Location and Income Freedom

What Will I Learn? / Lots of great things!

If you want to stay on the absolute cutting edge of internet marketing then this is the training you can’t afford to miss! In this one off three day event, you will learn:

* Laptop Lifestyle Method 1: How to make money online from affiliate marketing. How to start earning money while you sleep and create multiple passive income streams from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection.

* Laptop Lifestyle Method 2:  How to create an additional online income stream from running your own Amazon business. Imagine creating a business that you love that can be managed from anywhere in the world!

* Laptop Lifestyle Method 3:  How to make money online by using Video. We have an expert coming in to teach all about the power of video and why you should be using it to drive traffic to your business and make even more sales.

* Laptop Lifestyle Method 4:  How to use the power of Facebook to inject yet another online income stream into your bank account. These are the latest marketing techniques that you really need to know if you want to stay ahead in 2017.

* Laptop Lifestyle Method 5:  How to make money from email marketing. Learn how you can make money by building and promoting to an email list. It’s possible to retire off of this strategy alone!

And these are just five of the many methods that you will learn from the weekend so that you can start making money straight away. You will also learn about the latest software, tools, websites and resources that you should be using right now and are missing out if you’re not already using them.

Event Speakers / Hand Picked Laptop Lifestyle Experts

Backpacker Ben

The Laptop Lifestyle

Your Host and Founder of The Laptop Lifestyle

Simon Coulson

Internet Business School

How to Make Money Online

Michael Wilding

Anonymous Ginger

Simplifying Money Generation with Affiliate Marketing

Rob Cornish

Gain Higher Ground

From a 9-5 job to a full time living online

Sarah Staar

Affiliate Marketing

Online Expert, Professional Speaker, Coach & Publisher

Vicki Wusche

The Property Mermaid

Strategic Mentoring and Training (more…)

Shawn Josiah

Digital Dollar Empire

How to Make a Passive Online Income Using Nothing but Email

Paul O’Mahoney

Sunday Independent Columnist

Digital Marketing & Social Media Marketing Authority

Matt Duggan

Lead Gen Social

Facebook Marketing Expert and Digital Marketing Agency Founder

Patrick Powers

Entrepreneurs in London

As featured on BBC and interviewed by Forbes

Catherine Turner

The Amazon Opportunity

Introduction to this Accessible Business Model

Mystery Speakers

Secret Places

It's good to keep some surprises 🙂

Plus Mystery Speakers

Why Do I Need to Do This Now? / If not now, then when?

Are you working in a job or business you don’t really enjoy? Have you always wanted to do something different?

The 3 things that people lack are; time, income and location freedom. This event is designed to help you create a business revolved around your lifestyle.

If you know the steps to do this then you can work from anywhere in the world, gain your time back and have a much higher chance of increasing your income to live your life with purpose.

If you want to live rather than just exist in this world, then this event is for you.

* Time Freedom: Get your time back and do what you want when you want. If you have more time, what would you be doing?

* Location Freedom: If you could be anywhere in the world, where would you want to go? Imagine being able to be anywhere around the world doing what you love and making a valuable impact.

* Income Freedom: The way most people earn more is by getting another job or working harder. This strategy doesn’t really work because we only have so many hours in a day. So the answer is to create something with leverage that can be scaled, this is how you earn more and at this is what you will learn at this bootcamp.

More Reasons to Come / Have No Regrets in Life!

Secure your seat right now before someone else takes it.

You will learn how to start a lucrative online business from home and create your dream laptop lifestyle.

Discover how it’s possible to turn your annual income into your monthly income. You can start an incredibly profitable internet marketing business from the comfort of your own home and create the lifestyle you deserve, regardless of your experience.

See how to create multiple additional income streams while maintaining your current job or business.

Hear about the exact insider strategies that are working right now so you can copy them and create massive wealth online.

Feel the power of being your own boss… Stop trading your time for money, and live your life on your own terms.  Learn the secrets of gaining time freedom, location freedom and ultimate financial freedom.

The Laptop Lifestyle Bootcamp

* Create the Lifestyle that YOU deserve

Buy Your Ticket Now / Before someone else does!

This one off event will literally be life changing for you and your finances, because you will learn how to stop trading your valuable time for money. You will discover how to transform your mind set around money so you can be in control of it, and let money work for you instead. You will also learn the latest cutting edge tools, strategies and systems to create wealth online in this rapidly growing digital marketplace.

You will learn key online wealth building strategies that will give you more time, more assets and the confidence to build a successful business of your own, even if you have no experience.

How to start from scratch and take advantage of the most “hands off” lucrative online business models available.

How to become a successful entrepreneur, inspire others and lead by example.

How to start a “lifestyle” business that can be run from anywhere in the world and give you more time, freedom and income. All you need is just a laptop and an internet connection.

10 Bonuses / When You Buy Your Ticket and Attend the Event

Buy your ticket, attend the event and receive ten great bonuses that are easily worth more than the ticket price itself.

  • Bonus 1: 100 Things That You Can Outsource 

Buy your ticket today and receive a list of 100 things that you can outsource offshore. One of the topics covered on the day is how you can get paid for brokering deals in the UK and then outsourcing the work to places like the Philippines for much less and take a big profit margin by playing the “Middleman”. You will learn how to avoid getting ripped off and how to ethically hire offshore, fully qualified, university graduates from as little as £150/month. One of the online services that is growing every day in the UK pays over £40/hour and can be done offshore for around £2/hour… That’s £38/hour profit for you simply organising everything (I’ll tell you what it is on the day)

  • Bonus 2: Top 10 Places to Work and Live Remotely

Buy your ticket today and receive a list of the top 10 places to work and live remotely. whether it’s a long holiday or full time living, you will find place that you can work, with internet, sun and great food for as low as £231/month!

  • Bonus 3: Online Resources to Work from Anywhere

How to work from anywhere in the world. The resources that I use and recommend for you to use when working so that you can work from anywhere in the UK or even the world. Top cloud based services (Mostly free) that you should be using.

  • Bonus 4: My Personal Rolodex

My Personal Rolodex of websites. From the basics like which email service provider to use, to domain registration & hosting for websites, to outsourcing and so much more. 10 years of experience handed to you in less than 10 pages pdf.

  • Bonus 5: Top Workation Locations

Some of the top “Workation” locations and groups in the world. Places that you can have a holiday and work with other like minded individuals who live the laptop lifestyle. Great to make friends who are already living this lifestyle.

  • Bonus 6: The Best Events in the UK (And abroad!)

I’m a big believer in networking and continued learning, so I will share with you the types of events that you can go to (Some of them free!), to be around successful people in this field while often getting loads of cool free stuff. One of these events that I recommend is coming up in London in around February 2017 and has previously got me a free drone (Those flying helicopter things with cameras) on, a free smart watch and much much more. I’ll tell you where and how to get a free ticket to this.

  • Bonus 7: Which affiliate Networks and CPA Networks are best

I’ll save you time and hassle of picking networks that pay less (Or not at all!) from my 5+ years experience with them. Some have paid me £1,000’s and so went bust and didn’t pay me a penny for me advertising for them. Don’t worry if this doesn’t make any sense to you at the minute, it will make sense after attending the bootcamp! CPA stands for Cost Per Action, which means you can get paid money for getting people to do something as simple as submitting their email on a website or completing a free registration.

  • Bonus 8: Video SEO Blueprint

At the last workshop I went through a genuine step by step method to rank YouTube videos on Google in under one minute for free. I am going to include an easy to follow, step by step checklist as a bonus for attending this event.

  • Bonus 9: Twenty one Point Landing Page Checklist

Making a great landing page (Website) is a tough thing to get right. This checklist is just what you need when creating your perfect landing page. I will show you where you can get this for free.

  • Bonus 10: Top 10 Freelancing Jobs

A quick pdf showing 10 of the best freelancing jobs that you can do from anywhere in the world along with there average hourly rate, ranging from £23.97/hour to £68.16/hour. You can even use “Middle man marketing” to make these deals, then outsource them offshore and take a cut for being the deal maker (Similar to a recruitment agency)

Feedback / From our last event

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FAQS / Scroll Down to See Scanned Feedback Forms from our last event

There is capacity for 100 people at this event. Limited seating is available on a first come, first served basis. This event will sell out... Book now!

Friday: 9am - 7pm with networking at the hotel bar from 7pm

Saturday: 9am - 7pm with networking at the hotel bar from 7pm

Sunday: 9am - 6pm (Please REMEMBER that the clocks go forward this day)

Yes, this is completely optional, informal networking in the hotel bar. I'll come down for a drink and there's a chance that some of the other speakers will be there too. It's an opportunity to chat about anything you want, meet new people on the course and strengthen relationships with those that you have already met. A large part of my success is down to relationships and the people that you spend time with. So I encourage you to come down to the hotel bar and say hi from 7pm onwards.
The event is taking place at the Holiday Inn, London Gatwick Airport. I have secured an overnight rate of £65 per night (£75 with breakfast) for attendees of this event if you would like to stay over. When speaking with the hotel, mention code "S2C" or "The Laptop Lifestyle Bootcamp" to secure your discounted rate.
Definitely, absolutely, 100% Yes! Cancel the wedding and get married another day! This event has the potential to change your life (Just like the event that I went to back in 2008 did). I have flown 8 hours to America before to go on an internet marketing networking cruise that ending up connecting me with people like Mike Filsaime and many other people that have changed my life. There's no excuse not to attend this bootcamp, even if you have to fly from Europe, drive across the country, take a train or change plans, then do whatever you need to do to make this happen.

Feedback forms / from our last event

Feedback from our last event

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The Laptop Lifestyle Bootcamp

The Laptop Lifestyle Bootcamp

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